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The First Earning Of My Life

--by SammySunshine, posted Nov 29, 2007

I'm doing a work-experience internship at a hairdressing salon, and I noticed the other day that an old woman who had came in to get her hair permed, was sitting at the back of the shop and was looking rather sad.

So, naturally, I went over there and struck up a conversation with her. It turns out that she had just came out of hospital after weeks of treatment because she had a bad heart; to make matters worse, her daughter had recently given birth to a premature baby.

I sat and listened to her the whole time she was there, comforted her and just gave her words of advice and my philosophies. When she was finally ready to leave, she said,'You've made my day, duck. It's people like you I'll never forget.'

She tipped me one pound.

And that was the first money that I had earned in my life.

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sweetp wrote: Oh, thats beautiful!! You are off to a grand start. The hair salon can be a very therapeutic place when people take the time to be a good listener! I wish you all of the best!
cindy wrote: what a wonderful thing to know we have made someones day. God bless you.
brin wrote: You remind me of the woman who cuts my hair--even though I only go in twice a year, she remembers everything and really listens to her customers--draws them out and (I think) really acts like a counselor and friend! Bravo on earning your first pound in this way--what a beautiful story.
I think you'll be brilliant at your job!
keshavarao wrote: how kindness you are ? which shows kind heart of you, you not only earned one pound, you earned our hearts. thankyou for sharing
lmil1954 wrote: You were twice blest in that time. Once with money and once with joy! You were blessed to be a blessing. You blessed the old lady as well. Thanks for sharing your story.
akbj wrote: You are going into the perfect profession. What a nice thing you did, & that woman was cheered by being listened to. That is one of the nicest things one person can do for another.
Rindy wrote: sparing some of your time to listen to some one is one of the best acts of kindness we have.GOd bless you.
BigRedClown wrote: that's nice :0) well done!
anwahs wrote: My family and I are so proud of you. What a wonderful caring thing to do. Keep it up.
alfred wrote: i will send later

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