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Shopping Cart Outside A Car Door

--by jennieG, posted Dec 4, 2007
A few weeks ago, I went to my usual retail therapy session at the local Target store.

On my way to the front door, I noticed that there was a car parked by the front doors facing the wrong direction but with the passenger door open.  A woman came out of the driver side and waited by the passenger door, and out came a frail little old lady walking very slowly and using the shopping cart as as walker. 

As she got closer to the passenger door, the driver took her by the hand to help her in the car and then I noticed that she had this look of uneasiness looking at the cart as if thinking, "Oh great, now what do I do with this?"  She had to put the lady in the car, drop off the cart in its place, go to the other side of her car, drive out the way so other cars can pass by -- all within a few short seconds.

So, just as she scrambled to get the old lady in the car, I approached them and smiled.  Then took the shopping cart and said "How about I take this in for you?" She smiled back and seemed so relieved, and then thanked me heartily for the thoughtfulness.

Such a small gesture and yet look at the response.  From then on, I decided to do that every time I go shopping -- find someone who is returning their cart and intercept it  mid-way and smile.  (And next time I will have my smile cards with me to hand out!)

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dholland33 wrote: Its the small things that mean so much.
katlampi wrote: Oh this is a great one!! How many times do we see people in the parking lot, having to deal with groceries, kids, carts, and the car all at once??? I am sure you were a big help to that driver!
Ebbtide wrote: ;). Thank you, for helping those women. I know that I find myself shy in situations like that, but your story has given me confidence. :). Such small things can make such a big difference.
gwboocat wrote: That was super! Just what was needed at the time & so thoughtful. 'Way to look outside your own little world and recognize a simple, but much-needed gesture of kindness. Now I have another idea to add to my list of things to look out for! Thanks for reaching out to someone in need. :-)
mdadlaza wrote: Life is all about doing to others as you would like them to do unto you. I will definately remember this always
JackieHall wrote: What a great idea. Love it. will add it to my list. thanks
aadi wrote: This was worth sharing!!
lOVEBUG wrote: A good habit to form. I seem to have developed the habit of rounding up stray carts and putting them in the rack, it makes it easier for the employees to have carts ready for the customers
speedi wrote: how sweet! what a wonderful thing to do..
Thank you for sharing

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