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An Accident in Gratefulness

--by calyxcyced, posted Dec 4, 2007
My husband had just gifted me my dream car -- a BMW Z4! 

As excited as I was, I was driving it very carefully.  On July 26th, as I was singing to my favorite tunes, the car in front of me stops suddenly!  I proceded to stop as well, but the driver behind me rear-ended me and push my car into the car in front of me.  The impact was so strong that my air bag blew up and I had second degree burns on my arm. 

When the kid in the car behind me saw my arm, he was so apologetic that he was not paying attention and talking to his friends and how he did not meant to hurt me.  Of course, all I kept thinking about was my brand new car!

My husband was out of town, and I was so scared.  The ambulance came and offered to take me to the hospital.  While I was getting treated in the ambulance, my mind briefly retraced the accident.  I realized that the young man behind me had just totaled his car and lost it for good, and while my car also suffered some damage, at least I was alive and everything was going to be okay.

Right then, I apologized to the young man inwardly for my reactions.  I still don't have my car back from the dealership, but everything has worked out better than expected.  I have become grateful for everything that happens in my life.
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Readers Comments

katlampi wrote: Forgiveness and gratitude are two of the greatest acts of kindness, yet often the most underappreciated ones. You are a very noble person to turn the other cheek, and offer up your forgiveness rather than your blame. Hope you get your car back from the shop soon :-/
lmil1954 wrote: Awesome! Great observation. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope you're soon beaming in your beemer again!
AURELIA wrote: I'm so happy that you are ok and you were able to get your thoughts together and be thankful for the most important thing...your life and the lives of the 2 other drivers. God Bless You. Thanks for being level headed and thankful. ~Aurelia
inspiringstories wrote: glad you're both OK. take care always! cheers.
harry wrote: take care
jennieG wrote: When I was in my mid-20s, I have been in two accidents in my life where I could have been seriously injured but luckily got away with only car repairs and not even a scratch. I knew then God had a plan for me but still did not know what it was. I am still slowly figuring out by taking in the moments with my children and helping others on a daily basis.
tigerlily wrote: Some wise people say, "everything happens for a reason." So glad that you and all involved are o.k. Cars... we can fix or replace... people... well... not even one is replaceable! Besides, they have to be "special ordered" from the Maker! :)

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