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70 Cents At the Checkout Counter

--by kenosha, posted Dec 5, 2007
The other day, while waiting in a busy check-out line, after setting my items on the belt, I put the little bar after my items so the person behind me could set his items down.

When the clerk told me my total ,I realized I went over the $9.00 I had with me.  I told the cashier that she would have to take the milk off of the bill, and I said I apologized for the inconvenience.

After she told me my new total, the guy behind me smilingly said, "Here I have the 70 cents you need."  I said no, but he insisted. I added, "Oh, but she'll have to ring up the milk again since I've already paid for the other items."   "Oh, we all have time.  Go right ahead," he added while looking to the cashier as I accepted his generous offering.

As pedaled away from the store on my bicycle, I was smiling big.  What joy, to have received kindness!  I only wish it had been I that did the act of kindness.
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captainkirk1 wrote: This example reminded me of the few occasions when I had a similar experience. The cost for a smile (or the facial expression of disbelief) is PRICELESS!
Jodi wrote: Thanks for sharing your story. Just that you wrote it down makes a big difference. It did to me. I will share kindnesses with people more freely, having read it.
speedi wrote: one more act of kindness that shows what goes around,,comes around,,,both of you received what you needed and were blessed by both the giving as well as the receiving,,,Thanks for sharing
lmil1954 wrote: Ah yes but the joy you brought to the giver! Amen to the other comments
lOVEBUG wrote: Aurelia is right, gracious receiving is just as important and giving, without receivers no one could give
katlampi wrote: Kenosha, I always find it so sweet when people write stories not only about the kind acts that they themselves have done, but the times when they have been the recipient of kindness -- sort of as a tribute to those who helped them. Thank you for sharing this. Very sweet of that gentleman to exhibit both patience and generosity in the checkout line.
Ebbtide wrote: What a kind person! Thank you for sharing this story. I know I've been on the short-Change end of it a few times and having understanding people in the line behind you is such a blessing. :).
akbj wrote: Such a great story. I would like to be able to do that for someone also. That man felt good for what he did, & he renewed your faith in human nature, I'd bet.
AURELIA wrote: Graciously receiving in just as important as giving! He wanted to do or he wouldn't have. You made his day and now you can pay it forward. :) ~AURELIA
tenderheart wrote: precious. You were his blessing. I am sure he will pay forward. :) many hugs for u.

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