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So, Is It A Grind?

--by mitu915, posted Dec 7, 2007

I am sharing my Smile Card story which I used at a local coffee shop today. It is presented in the form of a poem.

"So, is it a Grind?"

It's a grind is the name of the place,

and perhaps the name of your life sometimes,

but when you stop and take a chance,

and make someone else on the inside dance,

it may be different and feel weird at first,

and it might sound a bit like work,

but all it took was a few dollars, an exchange of words,and a little white tag,

to produce two coffee drinks,

which made a mother and son glad,

So, next time when you think your regular routine needs some spice,

maybe you could think about doing something nice?

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Readers Comments

sanserif wrote: Let me confess...I am not a poems person....but i really really liked yours.. :-) And great inspiration too...Have a great day....
katlampi wrote: Definitely a great message to this poem -- doing something nice certainly spices up your routine!
Tikitu wrote: Great poem! I, too, am going to copy it and share it with others.
keymaker wrote: Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it. If you don't mind, I might print it and drop it off at a local coffee shop too.
omtaratutare wrote: I love this... thank you for sharing.
JuneBug wrote: I really like your poem! unique!

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