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Saying Grace In A Restaurant

--by Blunt, posted Dec 12, 2007
Last  week, I took my children to a restaurant.  My  six-year-old son asked if he could say  grace.  As  we bowed our heads he said, "God is good, God is great.
Thank you for the food, and I would even thank you more
if Mom gets us ice cream for dessert. And Liberty and justice for all! Amen!"

Along with the laughter from  the other customers nearby,
I heard a woman remark, "That's what's wrong with this country. Kids today don't even know how to pray. Asking God for ice cream! Why, I never!"

Hearing this, my son burst into tears and asked me,
"Did I do it wrong? Is God mad at me?"

As I held him and assured him that he had done a terrific
job, and God was certainly not mad at him, an elderly
gentleman approached the  table.

He  winked at my son and said, "I happen to know that God thought that was a great  prayer."  "Really?" my son  asked.  "Cross my heart," the man replied.

Then, in a theatrical whisper, he added (indicating the woman whose remark had started this whole thing), "Too
bad she never asks God for ice cream.  A little ice cream is good for the soul sometimes."

Naturally, I bought my kids ice cream at the end of the meal.  My son stared at his for a moment, and then did something I will remember the rest of my life.

He  picked up his sundae and, without a word, walked over and placed it in front of the woman. With a big smile he told her, "Here, this is for you.  Ice cream is good for the soul sometimes; and my soul is good already."
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luv4all wrote: Thanks for sharing
madhur wrote: Wow, she would never forget this. She just spoke a little more for a kid but your child practiced something taught in scriptures, 'to do good even if you feel bad'.

Interesting read
cindi wrote: This story was priceless. What a blessing he is, and what great mother god bless you
suzanne wrote: the honesty of a child. from the mouth of children it must be the truth. hope the lady accepted it with the love and honesty is was given.
smoothsugardoll wrote: your story was so touching. What a wonderful little boy you have. I know he will grow into a great man.
irongrace wrote: children's words are priceless please congratulate your son for me. tell him that god likes accepts all kinds of prayers.
babes wrote: NICE STORY AND WHAT A WONDERFUL CHILD U HAVE. keep it up, son...
katlampi wrote: This is precious! What a wonderful child!! :)
Matilda wrote: I am new to this site. How great it is to see people that really make a difference in other peoples life. Our family has said grace in a restaurant before and people do stare but we just smile at them and say a prayer. It is nice to see that some children are still being taught to do the right thing. I was once told that there is no right or wrong way to pray. God knows are heart. God Bless You and thank you for the wonderful story.
ida wrote: If only we could all stay unspoilt like your wonderful son We all need a refresher course to remind us that bearing grudges against the people that are nasty to us do more harm personally than good. We should all try to remain seeing the world through a childs eyes. Very refreshing- Thank You for sharing. Doreen

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