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A Happy Home For Kids

--by senga988, posted Dec 15, 2007
I used to run a day care in my home.

Most of my parents were single or they were struggling to just pay the bills. So I watched their children for whatever they could pay me. Sometimes that is just R50 a month. Sometimes more. There were even been times when they could not pay at all. But with me watching the kids they could keep their jobs and that meant a roof over the children's heads and food on the table for them.

In return, I got lots of love from the kids and thanks from the parents. I loved all the kids and took care of them like I did my own.

That was my part in helping to do small acts of kindness --  my happy home full of kids!
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yogionthego wrote: I love that you see how YOU also benefited - I love that you can see how precious a child's love is. If more people were able to see the value of love versus MONEY, our world would be a much better place! I won't pat you on the back - you don't need it - you have love within you - PERFECT!!
katlampi wrote: I am doing a similar thing right now -- babysitting for kids whose parents can't necessarily afford it. It's a great gift to give people, especially during the holidays when they could use the extra cash! Good for you for being so giving of yourself! God Bless!! :)
clemsongirl000 wrote: Very inspiring story! Often we get so surrounded by money and materialistic things around us, it's hard to realize that there are people out there such as yourself who live each day with a loving heart and God #1..allowing everything else to fall into place. I am sure the parents that you helped during hard times will never forget your good deeds.
Tigerlily wrote: How sweet. I'm sure that helped so much. I'm also sure that you made a HUGE difference for many people even generations to come by your thoughtfulness.
JuneBug wrote: That is soo nice!!!! We need more people like you in the world!
Amylynne wrote: That was so sweet and meant so much to all the parents. What a great feeling that must be.
warmth wrote: That is so kind of u. KIds' love is very pure and u have contributed a lot to nurture them by looking after them while their parents had to work. U showered ur love in them and kept them away from the negative shadows. Great Work. 3 cheers to u. :)
akbj wrote: Not too many people would have done what you did. You must not have made much money doing that, but your treasure is stored in heaven.
lovebug wrote: We all have gifts, big or small, if we compare ours with others, we somehow get a little jaded on life. You used yours, the children were loved and the parents greatful. It does not get any better than that.

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