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Instant Pay It Forward!

--by earthling, posted Dec 15, 2007
We drove over to a friend's place to load up our car with boxes full of books. After driving a short distance, my husband realized that our rear tire was flat!

After some labor to set up the tire change, I went over to the garage sale next door for some entertainment -- a teenager was doing tricks on a short bike in their yard. He was really good. While watching him, something caught my eye -- a beautiful blue painting with lots of fish and dolphins. "My little son would love that," I thought, considering that he had just seen dolphins in Sea World.

Seeing my interest, the lady said, "A dollar for that."  I looked at it again.  It was surely worth more to me.  So I gave her the two dollars I had and when she was surprised, I told her the buck would travel farther if she wants to pay it forward. And she grinned saying she surely will.

As I was picking up the painting, the teenager came around, stylishly of course, and asked "How much?" The lady said, "Ten.  But since you showed some tricks, I'll give it to you for eight."  The lad smiled and dumped all the money he had in his pocket -- it came to seven dollars even and his smile disappeared.

The lady stepped up, put a dollar in his hand and said, "Here you go.  This lady paid extra so you can have the bike you are so good with."

We were all happy to be connected there and then.

As I was walking away, she called after me and said, "I didn't think I'll be able to pay it forward that quickly!"  We both smiled, waved and I joined my husband to finish up the tire change.  The boxes felt much lighter this time around.
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thaata wrote: Surely this a a great story. You witnessed your "pay forward" buck moving so quickly and enveloping everyone in joy.
happypup wrote: What a wonderful experience to actually see your pay it forward instantly! Everyone was at the right place at the right time!
jessi wrote: Great story and so true. Listen to star99. 1 fm for more heartwarming stories, it is also online. Just google. Jessi-clc newdawncounselingwellnesscenter. Com
ganoba wrote: Pay it forward continues the old mind set which sees events in a sequential way.

In reality it is happening all at the same time.
Aurelia wrote: That's a great story. Aren't you glad you got to witness the "pay it forward"! Happy to hear it. ~Aurelia
Brighteyes wrote: Great Pay it forward when they come full circle instantly like your RAOK did...inspiring another RAOK...YOU ALL WIN...AND SO DO WE AS WE'RE UPLIFTED & INSPIRED BY YOUR STORY.

One kind act surely leads to another, then another and so on!
cindy wrote: its great to see it go on and on (smile)
Animallover101 wrote: This story is awsome. I don't know anyone who has the guts to do that.
akbj wrote: Oh, so very wonderful. The best $1.00 I've heard of in ages.
siggy wrote: I haven't seen a $1 go that far in a long time. Thank you!

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