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Proper Attire For A Stranger

--by Tigerlily, posted Dec 13, 2007

My friend Robert started a new job this week and he's been in training class for two days.  The employer has a very strict dress code --- dark blue shirts and khaki pants.

On the first day, an older gentleman in his class did not have the proper attire and he was sternly told that he would be dismissed if he didn't have the right attire the next day.   He explained, "Sir, I had not been told about this.  Because of my larger size, it's sometimes difficult to find the right clothing for a price I can afford."

Last night, Robert and I decided that this old man shouldn't lose his job simply because he couldn't afford the clothes.  I had some cash on hand at home and  Robert  took it with him this morning just in case it was needed.

When training started this morning, the trainer was ready to fire the older gentleman.  "You have 10 minutes to be in proper attire," he was told.  At this point, Robert spoke up and asked if he could have 10 minutes to get him the clothes.  He then ran out to the store and purchased the proper size pants and a shirt; he returned with both and gave them to other man.

The older gentleman began to cry and told him that he couldn't accept such a gift from a stranger.   Robert told him he had to because he had lost the receipt and couldn't return it.  (A little white lie. :))  The pants were a perfect fit, the shirt was a bit tight but he was able to keep his job.

"My wife and I tried to scrape together some money last night, but we didn't have enough to buy the clothes," he told Robert.   Still with tears in his eyes, he added, "It's unbelievable to me that anybody would do such a thing for barely knowing me a day!"

More unbelievable is how good it has made Robert and I feel to do this. 

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Readers Comments

Thaata wrote: You two have golden hearts that easily melts for others in need. Shown a wonderful kindness spontaneously helping a family to be happy. My love to you.
servoadmin wrote: God Bless you and your family my frnd!!!
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: Hurray Hurray Hurray for Robert, for the man, for you and for us! Thanks!!
cassiemeadows wrote: that was a lovely story, i enjoyed reading it. thanks so much. have a good day, take care of yourself
suzanne wrote: thank you from all of us... what a lovely thing to do..
EePee wrote: THANK YOU for sharing your heartwarming story.
Keep well.
bomi wrote: If you help anybody and everybody "God will help you in your difficult times"
bon1225 wrote: Bless you...That is the sort of story that encourages me to continue to do for others. and yes I also had tears in my eyes as well. Kudos to you. Keep passing the blessings on.
gamoba wrote: stories like these moisten my eyes and cleanse me heart of all the rational muck.
Thanks for sharing.
pdaul wrote: What a wonderful thing to do. thanks for sharing!

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