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Will Work for Food

--by Anonymous, posted May 6, 2009
One day I had a doctors appointment to have some lab work done. I had to fast for 12 hours prior to the tests. Knowing that I would be starving by the time I left the doctors office, after not eating for 12 hours plus, I prepared myself a sack breakfast.

So I had the testing done and was leaving the doctors office and was thinking about the food I had in the car, and how I couldn't wait to eat. I had reached for the sack and was fumbling and driving trying to get to it, when I had to stop at a red light.

I looked out my windshield and there before me to my left side, the drivers side of the car was a man with a cardboard sign that read "Will work for Food". I wanted to cry. The first thing I thought of was I know how hungry I am, and it has been only 12 hours since I have eaten. I wonder how long it has been since this man has had a meal. I began to roll down my window and motioned for the man to come to the car. I handed him my sack breakfast and he returned his thank you with a big smile, and said "God Bless You". I said "God Bless You too". Then the light turned green and I drove away.

I looked back and saw him looking into the sack. I then said a prayer that somehow God had touched me by having that man there that day. That man didn't realize it, but he was a blessing to me and I wanted to say thank you. It reminded me of how thankful I should be for what I have and always treat others as you would want to be treated. God sent me an angel that day as a reminder to me so I would not forget what is important in this world. We are all God's children.

It doesn't matter who you are, or how much money you have, or what you own. We are all human. We all need each other to survive. We all need a random act of kindness at some point in our lives. "Give and you shall receive".

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Storme wrote: Thanks for sharing; we often take things like this completely for granted.
beetoote wrote: One always get back more than what you gave.
jsmc10 wrote: So wonderful of you :)
Brenda Rivers wrote: Iwent to make someone happy wishing i had a house an take them in like my friend sarah and her son michael and i'm still giong to take them in cause that i know god is going to bless me because i already have my borther staying with us because he has nowere to stay this is from me and my husband heart Brenda /Eddie Rivers

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