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Sweet Words At Walmart

--by kelley, posted Dec 20, 2007
One summer, when I went to stay with my sister for a while, we took a trip to Walmart.

I have always felt like my sister was prettier than me but when we walked into the store that day, an older lady was giving out grocery baskets, and she looked at my sister and I and said "You two are so beautiful.  Are you sisters?"

And she saw that I had freakles and told me this story about when she was my age and she had freakles and she hated them but she said that now she wants them, and she was like "your so beautiful" -- specifically to me!

I will remember that day forever!  It made me so happy!
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AURELIA wrote: God Bless you and every single freckle. Wear them proudly and smile! I love freckles and envy those with them. I guess we all dislike something about our appearances...I hate my nose! Ha Ha Ha ~Aurelia
Blunt wrote: Be proud of your freckles, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, as a man I believe God made you special, but I also understand you, even after I became older I’m looking at my ears sometimes in the mirror and wonder why they are different. But it is a saying that always the Grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. You are special
Alraisi wrote: That was so nice from her telling that your freckels are so cute. Well, there are things which we might don't like in ourselves but we like it in us when we are old or when we lose them. So keep them and be proud of them. The old lady said things which you will never forget in your life. To tell you something about you thinking that your sister is more beautiful than you. You are very wrong about this one. She might be prettier than you from out side but you might have a prettier heart than she has. We can't all just say that we all are same and we all want to be same. Just be proud of who you are. Think about it again...!!!
JuneBug wrote: I think freckles are ADORABLE! Think of them as beauty marks..You are georgeous, girl!
verny wrote: Just think. When ever you feel down in the future you can think of what you have been told, and never feel sad again. A smile will change our state of mind as well as someone we smile to.

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