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Words of Kindness For the Ill

--by momsdreamshop, posted Dec 22, 2007
I send cards to the terminally ill and don't usually expect anything in return.

This time, I sent an easter basket for a wife and husband; the husband had a tumor on his liver and is doing much better now. 

It turn out that the wife sent me a beautiful letter and a beautiful picture of the both of them!

I was so happy to get that. It really made my day.
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dancingDog wrote: You are touching people in more ways than you know! :=D How special to hear back from someone - it can only encourage us to continue the kindness.
AURELIA wrote: You have a kind heart. Thank you for being kind enough to think of others less fortunate that yourself. You are there for them in a time of need. What more could anyone ask for. :) !~Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: How good of you to do the things you do! It is good to be reminded and I hope this encourages you to keep up with what you are doing!
verny wrote: Money can't buy memories of kindness. You have a special gift. Keep doing what you are doing and the unexpected will always return in ways you can never imagine. What you send out will always return.

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