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Sidewalk Slippers

--by JuneBug, posted Dec 20, 2007

A while back I gave my father a pair of slippers for his birthday. He was always a hard worker and I thought it would be nice for him to have a pair of comfortable shoes to put on when he came home.

I was saddened, though, when we saw that they were too small.  I told him I would take them back for a larger size. He told me not to worry about it because I had painted him a picture and that was what he cherished the most.  Then, he wondered if my husband could use them; but alas, they were too big for him.

"Who could use these?" I asked myself. Then I got an idea!

I went outside and placed them on the sidewalk.  I went back and sat on our enclosed porch to watch who would get them.  It was rather entertaining when a man came walking along -- he stopped, looked around to see if anyone was watching, picked up the slippers and walked on! He might have thought he had stolen them, but little did he know they were actually given to him.

I just hope they fit or maybe he knew someone who could wear them.  Sharing can sometimes be entertaining too!

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chrissy wrote: great thing to do,i often leave stuff i don't need anymore outside ,unused toys bits of furniture,the people in my area know if its just behind the gate they can take it if they want.our rubbish is someone elses riches :)
AURELIA wrote: You are clever. I would have loved to see this slipper thief! You have a big heart and I'm sure you helped out a stranger...he'll be on the look out for more goodies I'm sure. Keep writing~ ~Aurelia
kelley wrote: That is so awesome! haha! I feel obligated to do that myself now haha! keep up the good deeds!
akbj wrote: Very cool idea, I would have never thought of it. Keep it up, it gives the rest of us
babynurse wrote: I'm sitting here just laughing, maybe he thought they where a gift from heaven.That was so cool!

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