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Never Too Young To Share A Smile!

--by amclevain, posted Dec 22, 2007
I just received my smile cards and my 10 year old daughter wanted to know what they were and how to use them.  I handed her one and told her to read it. 

The smile she had on her face was priceless. 

She then asked me if she could also have a few "just in case she needed them."   I gave her half my cards and explained to her how to use them. 

The first one she gave out was to the checkout lady at the store.   Stores are so busy with shoppers in a hurry they sometimes forget that the person ringing up their items are real people just trying to make an honest living.  My daughter saw this checkout lady overwhelmed and getting nervous so she dropped the card beside her as we left.   We hope she had a better day!
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JuneBug wrote: Start 'em young! The world will be a better place! :}
lmil1954 wrote: Thats truly great!!! Merry christmas to you and your precious!
makesomeonesmile wrote: Good for you for showing your daughter the importance of random kindness so early! Thanks for caring!
Nellybelly wrote: Isn't it great to know that your children want to make people happy? When I got my smile cards, my 6 yo son asked for some and he's already given them out to the garbage men, our neighbor across the street, and his teacher. He says he likes seeing people smile.
brighteyes wrote: Smiles card give away will ensure that smiles and kind acts and inspiration will travel around the member actually had a site and was tracking what happened to the cards she gave out.....they truly traveled from country to cool is that?

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