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The Biggest, Bestest Present Ever!

--by anwahs, posted Dec 26, 2007

There is an elderly man who lives up the street from us.  He has no one to shovel his driveway.  He is a bit of a miser so most people aren't so inclined to help.  One day, I don't know who did it, but someone used the sticky snow on his driveway to make a whole bunch of snowmen on his lawn facing his front window.  They were all smiling and waving and his driveway got cleared in the making of them.

As my son and I were walking by, I could hear him grumbling under his breath.  "What's the problem?" I asked him.  He complained that someone had trespassed on his lawn and made a bunch of snowmen.  My son, not knowing what trespass meant, assumed this was a good thing.  He said "Wow, sir, that's the biggest bestest present I've ever seen!!"   Innocently, he then turned to me asked, "Could we have someone "trespass" on our lawn too?"

I couldn't help but smile, and neither could the old man.  The next day there was a Christmas card from him outside our front door, along with a plush snowman for my son.

One act of kindness can change a lifetime of miserlyness and if I ever find out who made the snowmen on his lawn, I will be sure to send them something in return.  They gave my son, myself and our neighbor "the biggest, bestest present ever!"

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pray4peace wrote: children are God's greatest gifts to us. They help us realise true value of things beyond calculations.
moral12 wrote: Out of the mouths of babes....great story, and, how unintentionally, your son turned that man's negative ("tresspassed") into a positive! Thanks for sharing.
Swift wrote: Us adults have a lot to learn from children. They see innocence and compassion in a way that we all should. This story made my morning. I will make sure to remember to live like a child all day. :d thanks for the fantastic writing!
harisuthen wrote: Wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it!

R.Bhandari wrote: I like story very much. Childs are very inocent,and i had exprince it thanks again.
iferlamb wrote: How sweet! That is so special. What a wonderful gift!!!
umeng enobong wrote: What a demonstration in the spirit realm. I than god almighty for his grace and mercies upon our lives.
Helen wrote: It is amazing by just saying hi to someone how they can light up.
Charlie wrote: Out of the mouths of children. What a gift that your son could help turn this arond with an innocent remark; wonder how much other "ill tempered behaviors" we could all defuse with a little kindness
Lisa wrote: This is so sweet. We have an older man down the street and some of his behaviors are less than desireable to put it mildly. He could definately use a snow man. If we weren't completely snowed in here in new york , i think i'd be down there now making one.

Hugs to your little boy. I remember the saying. From the mouth of babes.

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