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Next Generation of Kindness

--by roliveira83, posted Dec 28, 2008

I was with my kids at the grocery store.  They are 3 and 5.

We were doing our grocery shopping, when we saw a 75-80 year old lady in one of those motorized scooters, doing her shopping.  We saw that she was unable to reach something, so I reached it for her and she said, "Thank you."

The old lady also mentioned there were other things she was unable to get because she was confined to her scooter.   So my 5 year old son spontaneously tells her, "Oh, we can help you get the rest of your groceries." 

And we did.  We went through the whole store with her, until she had all that she needed.  When we finished, the woman blessed us and told me that it was nice to see that little ones still have manners. 

As we finished our own grocery shopping, I felt so very proud to know my children will not be selfish people.

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melesai wrote: By example! You should be proud. I have done that myself in stores. Dont understand why they dont have assistance to help th shoppers who ride in skooters. Some can get out and stand and some cant at all. Great story!
khan wrote: It is also a good example of humanity, everyone should try to flash out humanity.
glorioski wrote: A perfect opportunity for beginning a life of service.
Nagesh wrote: This is the real Education.Keep it up and let your children share with their friends
katlampi wrote: I love these stories about people's kids! It really restores your faith in the world to see that the future is going to be better, and that there are such great children out there. You must have raised him well! Thank you for sharing this!
DCFreak wrote: That is such a good act of kindness!! Good Job!!
cinnamonhead wrote: It's great to share the kindness with the kids and even better when they act upon it.
cabbage wrote: What a wonderful example for everyone,
and I'm sure that your kids will continue to help others. Bless all of you!
Lai wrote: If the world were as nice as your kids, the world would be a better place
lhatton wrote: Thank you for sharing your story and giving me another smile today.

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