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Thanks To My Kind Friends

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Dec 28, 2007

Today I took the time to say thank you to five people I do not know who have made a difference in my life. Their words and stories have made me smile, brought out tears of joy and caused me to pass it on to others. It cost me nothing to do except 5 minutes of my time, all of which made me smile.

Though I do not know any of them, I am connected to them all and they have made a difference in my life. Thank you friends for touching my heart as well as the hearts of so many others.

You never know when you make a difference in someone's life with a kind word or deed. Thank you to all of you here who take the time to share your thoughts. They matter more than you know and cause a ripple of kindness throughout the world!

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Fatso wrote: Hi Dear,

Did you know that your smile could last a while, and a mile of a smile can go another mile, this mile of a smile can never stop a while.

Keep the smile going,

dancingDog wrote: Thank you for reminding us to be grateful. Kindness is indeed a seed we can plant & it may grow in ways we don't know. Thanks for inspiring us!
AURELIA wrote: I feel the ripple effect under my feet urging me to continue looking for ways to make someone happy or less stressed. I am grateful for you MakeSomeOneSmile...because you have been on this site for months and months writing and commenting. It's the members like you that make this such a wonderful site to visit every single day. :) ~Aurelia
sathsath wrote: An exellant thought
Alraisi wrote: That is so terrific. Thank you for all what you said. What you said is very ture and I wish you always be like that. About helping others. It's the best job in this whole world. We just post comments and write our stories and we think that it may not effect anyone. But, it does. It does it in many ways which we don't know and think of. These words might be not enough to express my Happiness of what you said. I also do Thank all in this website. The very special thing about this website is that our communiaction way with others. I mean sometimes we do things for someone who we don't really know, never saw and never talked to. But, when we all share stories and post comments on each others stories, It makes our relation better. We all here like a family and we should always be like this. Thank You again. Keep It Up...!!!
warmth wrote: MakeSomeoneSmile your words are going straight to the heart. Thank u for being such a grt frnd and give us incentives to write more, share more and spreading more smiles. Cheers to u and all the wonderful people here :)
senga988 wrote: Thanks for sharing this with us. It makes us realise that we do change someone's life in a small way by our every deed and it will make me think twice before I say something in future.
JuneBug wrote: You have such a great heart!!! We need more people like you in the world...Keep on giving!!!

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