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A Prayer Rock Minister

--by maryvanvliet1949, posted Dec 27, 2007
You might've heard the story of a person walking along a beach who kept throwing starfish back into the ocean to save their lives.A passerby commented that the task was useless since the man couldn't save all of the starfish, but the man continued to throw them back anyway because he felt that each one he did save was important.

A few years ago I had to have thyroid surgery. Because I am a school teacher, I was terrified that I would never speak again. I shared my fear with my minister, and she gave me a "prayer stone" to take with me into surgery. I had the nurse tape it on my arm during surgery and many people "commented" about the rock taped to my arm. As I awaited my operation, people on the stretchers next to me asked about my "stone" and when I explained where I got it from, they asked to hold it.

I can't explain how amazing it was to see the fear leave the eyes of those people when they held my stone.

My surgery went well but then a friend of mine, going through a terrible divorce, asked for it.  And so I gave it.  It helped her in court, but then she lost the stone!  I was heartbroken. What would I do?

I returned to my minister , who now decided to make me a "Prayer Rock Minister".   She said my faith would make any stone that I gave to someone become blessed. Today I carry a pocketful of blue stones from the dollar store with me and hand them out on a regular basis. I can't tell you the number of people just in my school who have them and some have gone with my students to Iraq and returned.   And even when I ask "strangers" how things are going, for some reason they tell me all of their problems and I give them a blue stone to let them know that they are not alone.

Perhaps we can all help to change the world "one starfish at a time".  And perhaps we all can become Prayer Rock Minister too!
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Rachelle wrote: Wooo mrs. Vanvliet! :dd
We love you mrs. Vanvliet, your such an amazing teacher and person,

dreamin2being wrote: Wonderful story. It's the power of our intention in action. I love this idea especially because when we become conscious of having something to offer others, we slow down and listen so we can share ourselves more fully. I bet everyone who does this will experience themselves as more compassionate.
WENDY wrote: What a beautiful story! Faith is the key to anything! It was the faith behind the rock that made miracles happen!
falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: This is a great idea. I'm thinking now of ways I can do something similar!
sabrina wrote: U r giving hope to people when needed most. Positive attitude gives positive results,So go on.
brighteyes wrote: WOW! I have the prayer rock idea and that you are a Pray Rock Minister and give out is the color associated with Peace and Healing. Hope you don't mind if others like me also use your idea...I too say prayers when I give food to the Food Bank and Clothes and other items to charity so not just the items but the blessings are being passed their way too!
Wendy wrote: How appropriate because Christ is the rock of my salvation. A stone is a tangile evidence of somthing solid outside of ourselves.
lOVEBUG wrote: I once had a woman walk up to me and gave me a red stone and told me it was a drop of blood from Christ, it made a impression on me, I would guess blessings come in all colors. You are a blessing, thank you for sharing.
gwboocat wrote: Absolutely! I have a starfish bracelet that I wear to remind me of this!
Alraisi wrote: That's so nice from you and your minister. I liked her idea and the man's idea who saved all the starfishes. That's very kool. To say so, your idea of giving someone a stone only to make him/her happy and not to feel alone is so great. Because all the time when someone feels very sad and having many problems at one time they just need something which they can talk to and make them feel better. Well, about me when I'm in a problem or sad about something someone did to me, I just start writing and that makes me feel more better. Keep Giving People Blue Stones...!!!

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