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A Kind Festival

--by mitu915, posted Dec 30, 2007
This poem I wrote describes my smile-card experience at the Annual Art&Wine Festival on Saturday September 8, 2007 in downtown Mountain View on Castro Street.

"A Kind Festival"

Walking along the streets of Castro,
A day of art and wine,
A time to smile with anonymous souls,
And browse at the paintings from Italy,
And try on flowery hair accessories,
And admire the photography from East Asia to Napa Valley,

While listening to an African American baby girl of two,
Belt out some soulful blues,
I heard the news of a Filipina woman,
Fighting for the tribal rights of California Indians,
And signed her political petition,

Then the musical notes of a guitarist arose,
And he received a series of dollars in his instrumental suitcase,
And while on my solitary stroll through this multicultural street,
I gave a dollar wrapped with a 1x2 inch smile,
With the hope that it just might add,
A little more than monetary value,
To this old man's day in the South Bay.


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Readers Comments

momo wrote: I'm a highschool student in mountain view. My mom and i have a collection of wine glasses from the festivals. Its a time to be with people and interact. You never have to know a person to talk to them.

See ya at the next festival!

sara wrote: I use to live in mt. view
and attended one of the art festivals,
I had so much fun, it was sunny and nice
all the people, the music, art
it took me back
Thank you, I am so glad I was attracted to this,
just surfing the net..
You rock!!!
Alraisi wrote: Thanks for sharing...!!! Keep It Up...!!!
harry wrote: wow!!nice poem gud
AURELIA wrote: Sounds like a wonderful experience. Thanks for putting it in your own words. ~Aurelia

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