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A Cookie In A Pocket!

--by omtaratutare, posted Dec 30, 2007

After my son's soccer game, he ran over to me and said, "Mom, do you have a smile card?"  I said, "I think so." He is telling me to hurry up. We run to my purse and start digging through the million and one pockets and pouches. At last, I found one.

"What do you need it for?" I asked him.

He responds, "It is for Dad. I did not want my cookie and I know how he loves sugar. So, I quietly put it in his pocket while he was talking and now I want to add a smile card!"

His action and request melted my heart and filled me with joy.  Not to mention his Dad, who was brimming with joy as he bite into his warm chocolate chip cookie!

This will bring a whole new level of tagging to our household.  Secret Spy Operatives are now on the move!  Stay tuned for more. :)

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Thaata wrote: I love the cute boy for his love to spread happiness and it is spontaneous.
ruru wrote: I love this story. My mom used to do something like this when I was a kid. I would love to know more about the smile card and how you use it. I would like to try it with my 3 and 5 year old.
JuneBug wrote: This is the cutest story ever!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! Children are so wonderful! :}
megumi wrote: I think as children we are open to being kind. Then as we grow we tend to have our spirit of kindness crushed. I am so glad that you are encouraging your son's desire to be kind. It will truly change his life.
omtaratutare wrote: I use it with my kids in all kind of fun ways...
1. ding dong ditch the neighbor leaving for them --they hide and watch them come out and get the treat.
2. they like to come up and give me a hug or kiss and then hand me a card
3. they leave their grandparents notes or pictures with a card attached.

once you get going it is hard to stop them:-) have fun!
happyness15 wrote: that is so sweet! I love hwo you all made it a family affair with the smile cards. Thats a great thing you're teaching your children
cabbage wrote: I like this story for 2 reasons, 1,I love cookies. 2,I love soccer!
cabbage wrote: I like this story for 2 reasons, 1,I love cookies. 2,I love soccer
lhatton wrote: Oh, I so need to order more cards!!!! I have a friend with little ones that I now plan to recruit as secret spy operatives. Boy we are really going to get there parents good with random acts of kindness. There house is going to melt it will be so sweet in there. Ah ha ha ha ha
katlampi wrote: haha your son sounds cute! secret spy operatives = fun for all!

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