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Running On Empty

--by jacqueline, posted Dec 30, 2007
The other night I almost ran my car out of petrol so I took the next exit off the highway to pull into the nearest petrol station.  I only had $20 cash on me. 

As I pulled in, hadn't even turned the car off, there was a young man walking towards the car next to me.  He spoke with the driver of the car and the driver shook her head "No" and then he approached my car.  Usually I would be cautious and let my "He looks shady and possibly a con" opinions control my actions - but not tonight.  I put aside my opinions and listened to him openly.  It turns out that he was traveling to a funeral, another 100kms away, and needed some money for petrol.

He was in a sort of a stunned silence, when I said, "Sure."  Then I added, "But there's one condition."   With a vibrant energy, he replied, “Anything, I will do anything.  I can pay you back if that’s what you want!” 

I said, “It is not your money or your time that I want.  I just want you to pay-it-forward”.   I gave him the only cash I had on me and a smile card.    As he read the card, he had the biggest smile on his face and was moved by my generosity.  He continued to thank me profusely and promised to pay-it-forward.

Whether I saved his day or I was conned by the young man… it doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I made a difference in his life by showing there are people in the world with genuine hearts filled with unconditional love.

As members of this website, that’s what WE are creating together.  Keep it up!  I love this website and I love you all!  Mwah!
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thebigkind wrote: I love this story, thanks for sharing.
WENDY wrote: THE GIFT OF GIVING HAS THE GREATEST REWARD! Thanks for the uplifting story!
Penny wrote: Can we have more cards made off of the ones we got from you or how does it work?
yolanda wrote: Loved that story. Thanks so much for sharing it! I was so moved, I started to tear up.
pdaul wrote: What a wonderful act of kindness. "Give to another human being without the expectation of a return". I'm sure the man will pay it forward!
cabbage wrote: Thank you for sharing a wonderful, inspiring story. May we all have the courage to trust our hearts and do the right thing in a situation like that. Bless you! :-)
megumi wrote: Jacqueline, I hardly agree that it does not matter what the young mans intentions were to start out with. One way or another you made a difference in his life. Thank you!
lhatton wrote: Way to go Jacqueline. I really like your attitude and I hope I can remember your sentiments if I am ever in a similar situation.
smoothsugardoll wrote: What a beautiful act of kindness. If he didn't see it I and God did. smile!!!!!
kathieo wrote: Great story.

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