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Changing the world one snack at a time

--by denim1951, posted Jan 11, 2008

I recently burned my left arm pretty badly and had to go to the hospital. I didn't stop to take something to drink or a snack since I was in so much pain. After they took care of me I went to the cafeteria and was counting my little change to see what I could get. I settled with a cup of ice water and decided to wait till I got home to eat anything.

A lady was in line as I was getting my ice water. I was depressed and in pain but was thankful I was going to be okay. She noticed I was a little shaky and asked if she could get me a snack. I was very thankful and thanked her. I told her maybe one day I can return the favor. All she said was just help someone else who was in the same situation as I was and that's thanks enough for her.

Last week I went to back to the hospital to get my wound looked at and a new dressing on it. I went to the cafeteria and saw a little boy with his mother. He wanted some fries to go with his sandwich. His mother didn't have enough money for fries and was trying to explain it to him. They had to get medication and that was more important then fries.

I was in line behind them and told them I would like to buy the fries for him. She was thankful and I told her to do someone else a favor someday and that's thanks enough.

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brighteyes wrote: Kindness goes full circle and then starts up again!!
chico wrote: lets keep going one act at time...its contagious!!!
Molly wrote: A couple years ago I had someone treat me to a meal at the hospital/Dr! Thank you!
katlampi wrote: What I like best about this site is the whole "pay it forward" mentality -- kindness really multiplies. This is an excellent example of that! Thank you for sharing such a fabulous act of kindness!
jacq wrote: I love the domino effect!! Keep it up it makes a difference!
nflowers1228 wrote: great story, thanks for sharing
Nickgrand wrote: Nice pay it forward story!
JuneBug wrote: How nice! Isn't it wonderful how this works?
harry wrote: wow!!! nice story .... it should work...
so that every one develops the helping nature....

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