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Removing Road Hazards On A Rainy Day

--by Daisies, posted Jan 28, 2008

Nearly everyday, I drive on this road.

Today, however, it was storming and the wind was blowing and suddenly without warning there were several large branches in the road!

Many cars were just navigating through them (which was hard and dangerous) but one van stopped to move them.

Seeing this, I couldn't just keep driving.  So I pulled over, turned around and went back to help.  As I was walking back, I saw 3 other cars navigate not only around the branches now but also the man who stopped to help, just narrowly missing him!!! UNREAL!   He was doing a kind , civic deed, but people didn't seem to have patience for that too! 

Anyhow, both of us together quickly got the trees off the road.  Before we went on our way, he made sure to tell me to be careful up ahead since there may be more hazards on the road.

This young man and I got soaked, but it thoroughly warmed my heart to know that there are people out there who will do the right thing even if no one is appreciating them!

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It is called a TravelScoot mobility scooter and it folds up like an umbrella and weighs just 35 lbs. She keeps it in a carrying bag in her trunk. She takes it out anywhere.

julissa m. wrote: I really like this story. Thank you!
brighteyes wrote: THANK YOU! You may have saved someone's life, or someone from crashing their car or both....again THK U FOR TAKING ACTION...others probably drove around but YOU took the time to eliminate the hazards for those traveling behind you.
lOVEBUG wrote: I have to admit, I am one who will drive around something laying in the road, unless it is human. But I do have a small excuse. Were I live, if stopped to clear the road, there would be a 20 car pileup, they are driving so fast they can't see the hazards, Wish it could be different, but I don't think I will live long enough to see the slow down. But you have given me a little hope, If you stopped to help the man, maybe someone would stop to help me. Thanks
AURELIA wrote: What a good deed. I glad everyone is OK. ~Aurelia
happyncheerful wrote: Prophet Muhammad said that removing something harmful from the road is an act of charity. Some people are generous enough to donate lots of money to charity, but this simple act beats that! This warmed my heart too.
Swift wrote: There aren't many people on this earth who would stop, in the rain and do the deed that you did. You... and the other fellow that removed this stuff from the road are beautiful souls, and heroes in your own right.
Tigerlily wrote: Good job Friend! :)

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