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I Am Thankful For ...

--by Nickgrand, posted Jan 28, 2008
I am thankful:

For the wife
Who says it's hot dogs tonight,
Because she is home with me,
And not out with someone else.

For the husband
Who is on the sofa
Being a couch potato,
Because he is home with me
And not out at the bars.

For the teenager
Who is complaining about doing dishes
Because it means she is at home,
Not on the streets.

For the taxes i pay
Because it means
I am employed

For the mess to clean after a party
Because it means i have
Been surrounded by friends.

For the clothes that fit a little too snug
Because it means
I have enough to eat.
For my shadow that watches me work
Because it means
I am out in the sunshine
For a lawn that needs mowing,
Windows that need cleaning,
And gutters that need fixing
Because it means i have a home

For all the complaining
I hear about the government
Because it means
We have freedom of speech.
For the parking spot
I find at the far end of the parking lot
Because it means i am capable of walking
And i have been blessed with transportation
For my huge heating bill
Because it means
I am warm.
For the lady behind me i n church
Who sings off key because it means
I can hear.

For the pile of laundry and ironing
Because it means
I have clothes to wear.

For weariness and aching muscles
At the end of the day
Because it means i have been
Capable of working hard.

For the alarm that goes off
In the early morning hours
Because it means i am alive.
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Readers Comments

michelelpurcel wrote: Thanks for the reinders! :)
Kundai wrote: True! we have so much to be thankful for, wonderful poem.........
Patricia wrote: really interesting!
cassiemeadows wrote: Thats a lovely poem. i never tire of hearing it. Thanks so much for posting. have a wonderful day!
cabbage wrote: It's all about perspective! The words from this come to me when I am surrounded by piles of laundry or busy scrubbing the tub or cleaning up after a gathering or watching my husband on the internet (instead of the couch) true.
And THANK YOU for sharing this and reminding me of it again. I shared this with another friend who really appreciated it too. Bless you. Hugs, :-)
brighteyes wrote: This prose has gone around on emails for sometime but it is a great reminder to count our many blessing....gratitude is key to happiness!
geriangel wrote: Amen! i couldn't have said it better!
jessica wrote: every 1st line in each stanza, i thought hey all those things are true, but the last line in each stanza is everything that everyone should be thankful for, especailly the last line, be thankful for you life, that you are living, even thought it may be hard
lOVEBUG wrote: I am greatful you have such a wonderful way of looking at life, I am also greatful you allowed me to look thru your eyes. God Bless
greeneyes wrote: AMEN and AMEN to this one. We all need to be thankful for things such as this and STOP complaining.

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