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Family Kindness Journal

--by Yvonne, posted May 10, 2006
Last month I started a family kindness journal. Every day each member in the family must write down the good deed that they did that day. It is amazing to see how far my children's deeds have come.

At first they helped the teacher or shared school supplies, but it has progressed to wonderful things I never imagined.

For example there is a boy my son has not gotten along with since the first day of school. My son came home and told me his good deed for the day was to make friends with this boy.

I said, “What possessed you to be friends with someone who has been mean to you all year?”

His response? “I gave it a lot of thought and realized he was lonely and didn't know how to make friends, and that was why he was mean.”

This boy has had quite an attitude adjustment (no longer hitting and calling names) and has been welcomed into my son's group of friends.

Some deeds are big some are small, but the point is for us to think of other people.
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Dr vijaiasirwad wrote: Be kind on kids &women>
Stephanie wrote: This is such a wonderful and simple practice that can change lives, such a profound, gentle, beautiful way to teach children, teach parents, and share important time with them - a variation on a daily gratitude journal practice, also very good - but this one surpasses that, i think. Thank you - i have an almost-6-year-old granddaughter that i hope to see do this with her parents, and they with her. Also a 2-year-old grandson, he may have to wait a little, but maybe not so long. :-)
jsmc10 wrote: This is so mature of him! Love conquers all :)
pelican wrote: Thanks for the heartwarming story. It was great! :) :)
thaata wrote: A wonderful idea to involve family in kindness acts which encourages children too! It brings lot of happiness to the family and nurtures good values in children. Thanks a lot.
Spoonerism wrote: It's a lovely idea to start the journal! :-)

And you must be proud of the maturity your boy showed in realising the underlying factor in that boy's behaviour and taking the first step to befriend him!

Thanks for sharing!
Clare K. wrote: Wow, that is amazing. That is hard enough to do as an adult. But i imagine it must be really hard for a kid to do that! What an inspiration to me. :)
Sandra wrote: How moving! My 4 year old doesn't know how to make friends very well yet, and sometimes resorts to name-calling etc. I now know first-hand how much in pain are those who are hurting others! I'd love to know how old your boy is.
Bindu wrote: Thanx for sharing this wonderful story ..Its really inspirational .. I will do this with my children too ..:)

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