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An Unexpected Nudge During Lunch

--by Steffy, posted Feb 5, 2008

The other day, I was in the checkout line for lunch at school when I realized that I had forgotten my lunch money.

I was freaking out because I hadn't eaten breakfast that day or dinner the night before. I was really hungry -- and I was starting to get dizzy.  I stepped out of the checkout line and started putting my lunch tray down, when out of nowhere this kid pulls my arm and nudges me towards checkout line. He tosses a smile card on my tray, smiles at me, and tells the cashier that he's paying for my lunch. 

It was so sweet -- it made my day!  I never did catch his name but if I see him again at lunch, I'm most definitely  returning the favor.

Later that day, I passed the smile card on to a girl who had gotten bookchecked in the hall.  I helped her pick up her stuff and get to her class.

It feels like nice to receive kindness and to be kind!

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dewolfe wrote: I can understand that hunger, and the dreaded feeling of having forgot your food money! Its terrible. That is too cool that someone did that for you. It makes a world of difference! The world tends to underestimate people, especially the younger people. It is so nice to have that stereotype removed through stories like these!
mitu915 wrote: it's so great to be kind to another and to realize that there's no rule that you have to KNOW the person to be kind to them. :)
kissingurami wrote: that is so sweet

a random act of kindness helped you discover this site, and you have already passed on another. the world is slowly getting to be a better place!
MINtyfresh353 wrote: This was a great anecdote, especially since I can relate to such an incident. I'm glad that some kids still know the value of helping out others. There are some who would need a tazer to have them part with a few measley dollars. Anyway, thanks for sharing a great story!
brighteyes wrote: WOW...first a recipient of kindness and then a kindness giver.....great story...keep the kindnesses coming.... ;)
sonrisa wrote: Thanks for sharing your story -- its so inspiring to see how quickly you payed forward the kindness which the boy had payed forward to you in the lunch line. Keep spreading smiles :)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: Thanks for sharing and for quickly keeping the kindness going. It all matters and so do you, thanks!
JuneBug wrote: Sometimes God sends angels when we are in need...I believe you saw one that day!

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