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Cereal For the Soul

--by libbyza, posted Feb 5, 2008

A sweet and charming little old lady came up to me at the supermarket about 5 months ago.  She had strict orders from her doctor to avoid artificial ingredients, but she couldn't read the ingredients on the cereal box and was asking me for some help.

"No problem," I instantly said.   I picked up the box and indeed, it's a shame that the print was so small that even I had to struggle to read it.  It turned out that it did have artificial ingredients. 

With a slightly dejected face, she explained, "I'm struggling to have a decent breakfast in the mornings, because although I love porridge, I don't have enough energy to make it myself.  So I need to find something instant that doesn't have artificial ingredients."

Just then, I had an idea.  "Well, I make my own muesli out of natural products and if you could give me you address, I would be happy to bring you some of my own home made muesli."  She happily gave me her address, which happened to be an old age home (a cottage, though, not the boarding section).   

When I got home, I hastily put a pot on the stove and mixed the oats, nuts, seeds, and other ingredients and "roasted" the ingredients in the pot.  I put in a large container to keep it sealed and drove myself to the old age home.  

This fragile, old lady was just thrilled to see me.  I advised her to put the cereal in the fridge because it would last her a very long time.   Cereal wasn't the only thing making her happy, though:  "You are the first person who has ever offered to help me.  And you actually followed it through."

I think it is so sad when people offer to help and then don't follow through on their promises.

I am now a regular visitor to this lovely and charming little lady and every time I visit, she has milk tart and other goodies and we enjoy a nice cup of tea.    Sometimes, we even go out to the beach and she loves to sit on a bench and look out towards the sea and watch the waves.

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Readers Comments

Oluchi wrote: Thanks libbyza for bringing sunshine to the old woman's life. God will never let you down at your point of need.
Sandi wrote: What a beautiful gesture and kind deed you did and it came straight from your heart.
Jacinda wrote: What a fantastic and kind story. Thankyou for sharing this wonderful story.
BeeBop wrote: I work in a retirement community and your story warmed my soul. These folks neeed to be noticed. They need to know that they are still useful and have value. I try to have my residents in one level of care volunteer to help me, with another level. They feel needed and useful...they are always looking for something to keep them busy. What is amazing to me, is that they are just like the rest of us...they still think just like they did when they were eighteen. They are just trapped in a worn out body. You are indeed a special person, bless you.
Diti wrote: Your story brought tears in my eyes. You are an angel.
treeflowerpuzzle wrote: What a nice and heartwarming story!I'm sure your visits are something she very much looks forward to.
Dawn wrote: What a wonderful act of kindness...Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming story.
joan wrote: You never know how your act of kindness really touches another person. Several years ago as I walked into Wal=Mart I saw a charming bunch of small roses on discount. I picked them up and noticed an older lady sitting on a bench.She seemed so very sad. I took one of the roses and gave it to her with a smile. Her face lit up with such joy. Later her daughter searched me out and thanked me. I'm not sure who was blessed more. The above story gave me the thought that I should be more aware of people and their needs. Thank you for a lovely reminder
twilightgecko wrote: thankyou.. for being as generous as you are.. you are an inspiration, for you not only donate a little money, you donate your time.. which is far more valuable..
Woelwaters wrote: Libbyza, good for you. You teach the rest of us about practical help and following it up in other ways.

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