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Seeing the Same Stranger Twice

--by momo7, posted Feb 5, 2008

It was a freezing cold winter day.

During a late night run to the grocery store, I saw an old man slip on some ice.   An ambulance came but the man didn't want to go to the hospital (perhaps due to insurance reasons).

I saw the old man starting to walk home. Feeling sorry for his condition, not even knowing who he was, I offered him a ride home.  On our way, he wanted to stop by a bar for some silly reason, so I obliged; he said he'd only be a second, but I waited nearly 15 minutes.  Still, I continued taking him home.  When we arrived at his house, about 10 minutes later, the man offered me some money, but I refused event though it was a ways out of my way.

Thinking I would never see this man again, I went on home and went on with my life.

Well, about 2 months later, I hear a knock on my door.  "Sir, I found a wallet and this was address on the ID, so I'm returning it."   It was the same old man, who found my wallet that I had lost couple days ago! 

Nothing was stolen or used, and I was very happy.  I offered the man some money, but he refused.

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Kundai wrote: WOW!!!!
Barry wrote: Very powerful tale. Cast your bread, or kindness upon the waters....

People like you make this world a better place and give hope to those who need a helping hand. And kindness is returned to you without you asking for it.

I am imagining you standing hold the wallet after that man had left.
ItsGoodToCare wrote: Great story...
..and perhaps this is no coincidence... pehaps your lives were meant to cross? If so, it will happen again and, if it does... I hope you both find out the reason.
If you don't meet again, then, as others are saying, just feel good about the way things come around! Another great example of the power of the 'law of attraction' - we attract what we think about. Have a good life.
twilightiscool wrote: this is soooo kind of u. with nowadays crime, u really did a brave and kind thing. I'm impressed.
mitu915 wrote: how sweet!! i love those coincidences in life!
dewolfe wrote: As is being stated over and over, what goes around comes around, is what comes to mind! That is amazing how things worked out. It is something you maybe hear of in lessons, not something that actually happens (well it obviously does, haha). Awesome!
cindy wrote: Isn't it amazing how good always returns
tigerlily wrote: Somehow it seems lives can be linked and we are not even aware. Learn something beautiful from this experience.
marianna wrote: Awesome ! We never know how our kindness will come back to us !
speedi wrote: Like I have heard all my life..what goes around comes around,,your act of kindness has came full circle..
thanks for sharing

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