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I Found A Disney T-shirt...

--by sandyremillar, posted Apr 15, 2015
I found a Disney t-shirt in a store and remembered a lovely neighbor that simply loves all Disney stuff. So I bought it for her, put it in a bag and hung it from a plant hanger that they have empty now in the front of their yard. I can see it from my house, so I checked a few hours later and the bag was gone! They must be wondering who brought it! :-)

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kiwicat wrote: I love that!
Shail wrote: You are a kind angel! Blessings to you!
melnotes wrote: Lol, way to go Sandy!
melnotes wrote: Lol, way to go Sandy!
balou wrote: :-)
Mish wrote: You angel you! Hugs
mindyjourney wrote: Kindness growing on plants too :))). Beautiful and thoughtful giving, dear sandy
terre wrote: Planting more kindness...
pluto178 wrote: Lol. x

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