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Beautifying The Neighborhood

--by cyctw, posted Apr 25, 2015
There is an area near where I live that has had trash piled up there for months, if not years. I decided it was time to clean it up. Over the course of three weeks, I hauled away and disposed of three garbage bags full of trash. I thought how I didn't want this to happen again, but without an incentive to keep it clean, it likely would get dirty very quickly. So, this morning, I went and weeded the area and planted some flowers. Every couple of days I'll go and water them and feed them some love. Maybe I'll even meditate in this spot :) Planting seeds...literally <3
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czgavilan wrote: What a great idea. Including meditating in this new "sacred" spot! Hooray!
mish wrote: Truly awesome! Bless x
balou wrote: Great idea! I hope it will be respected by others!
alisamom wrote: How wonderful!
mindyjourney wrote: LOVE this idea :))). Thank you for not only cleaning up area, but for planting seeds as well :)).
melnotes wrote: Wow what an awesome job you have done! Great work and thank you for sharing xx
livingadelicious wrote: Love this! Inspiring!
xenahugs wrote: This really is so beautiful, the whole thing from the cleaning it up to the planting of flowers to the meditation. It really touched me in such a deep way. Thank you for adding Beauty to the world.

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