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--by danielleraubert, posted Apr 22, 2015
So packing is the worst. We are in day two of packing up our townhouse and while I want to take everything home with us, we set up boxes for donations.

So far we have boxes full with clothes, jackets, snow gear (we are in upstate NY) and food. All of these boxes will be going to local families in our neighborhood.

It feels good to be given these things away to people that need them more then we do.
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petroskryf wrote: Moving isn't easy, and sometimes it is difficult to give stuff away -- but what a generous act of kindness did you put in practice! Blessings for you new home. Home is indeed where the heart is.
mish wrote: Kudos on generous giving. Happy move!
xenahugs wrote: Great! Good luck with the move!
terre wrote: Packing is always a big task. But lightening the load by making boxes of donations is a wonderful way to have less to pack to move, help out others in need, and feel the ripples of kindness coming back to you. Well done!
sandyremillar wrote: Very happy move!!! Upstate N.Y. Hubby's family lives in Peru, N.Y. Close to there by any chance? I love those folks, warm and welcoming! Good luck on this new phase....
melnotes wrote: Well done! Decluttering and giving to others! Perfect :)

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