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A Simple Rule Since I was 12

--by peay_lewis, posted Feb 13, 2008
Since I was 12, I've had a simple rule -- remember birthdays!  So, if I know a person's name, I consider it my duty to remember the person's birthday (family, friend and otherwise).

One characteristic EVERY human being has is the need to feel special, significant and appreciated, and what better way and time to make a friend, neighbor, client, co-worker, your child's teacher, or even the cashier at your neighborhood grocery store feel special than by simply remembering their birthday each year.

Talk about putting an instant smile on that person's face, if only but once a year.  It brightens their day and it brings so much personal joy to me each time I do it.  And because I know so many people, I'm pretty much telling someone happy birthday every month of the year.  I'm now 30-something, so I guess you could call me the "Happy B-Day Diva"!

And here's a tip -- if you cannot remember the exact date a person arrived on this earth, no worries, just try to remember the month they were born.  Then say, "Hey Ashley, isn't your birthday around this time of year...?"  And Voila! Instant joy, Instant karma!

Have a Happy Birthday to ALL of You!
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thesitetoremember wrote: Excellent sentiment and one which I share although I have difficulty remembering so I had a website built to help me! is a text message and email reminder service with a unique contact-driven facility which gets your friends birthday dates for you!
kabbu wrote: happy B'Day dear(in advance)!!!!
my bday wrote: How ironic...the only reason I read this article was that it was posted on my Birthday! lol.
thanks for the great article though and I too try to remember bday's based on month rather than day!
sweetp wrote: hmm..thank you for giving me a simple way to think about birthdays. i often avoid it because people get very into gifts and birthday weeks, birthday months, expensive dinners..and i have a lot of friends... but, a card, a smile, a simple remembering who they are...that i can do! thanks!
perseverance wrote: It is 100 percent true thanks
Birene wrote: It's a way to help people that might never feel that important moment in time given to each human. Keep up the good work!!!
butterfly wrote: happy birthday to you!
Woelwaters wrote: Yes! Yes! Yes! A very practical way of people understanding they are all special.
Thank you.
Fiza wrote: hi, Diva , I luved your way of keeping tracks of birth days. It sure brings smiles to faces that you know and makes a difference!
GipsySoul wrote: Happy Saturday, B-Day Diva!

Loved your story... yours is a wonderful practice! As someone who keeps forgetting even my relatives' birthdays, I'm curious as to how you keep track of all these dates?

And when is your own birthday, B-day Diva? Some of us may want to remember that ; )

Can you post a ps, perhaps?

Also, "B-day Diva" suits you perfectly... Did you know you can change your login nickname in your profile!
Just a thought!

: )

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