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Valentine's Day Wisdom

--by athem, posted Feb 14, 2008

Here's a poem that you might enjoy reading:

Valentine's Day Poem

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fatima wrote: sweet and touchy :o)
kiera wrote: this poem rocks!!
zidlore wrote: Just keep it open... how inspiring! Thanks for sharing! ^__^
elizaliza wrote: Il est tres simple, simple and straight i loved it I will keep it OPEN
Barry wrote: Such wise words: "Just keep it open." I truly enjoyed this poem. It puts things in perspective. Next year, perhaps giving someone a Valentine Day, perhaps I will give them a hug or a nice pat on the shoulder or perhaps just hold their hand for a few moments. Thank you for making me think of good things this morning.
perseverance wrote: Great one thanks
MisteMay wrote: What wisedom.
dholland33 wrote: SWEET!
cabbage wrote: Wow, what a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing. :-)
SpiritualWoman wrote: This is so heartfelt. Little hearts and big hearts a like can feel this story. Thank you. It's beautiful.

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