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Say Thank You From Me

--by rockl35, posted Feb 15, 2008
My hubby (Don) and I were at the store just getting snacks for our children and picking up a few items we needed.

As were getting snack bars we couldn't help but overhear this young couple talking about what kind of snacks won't melt. They were trying to figure out which ones "he" (perhaps one of their brother) would like.

After a few minutes of picking up our items and listening to them, my husband pulled out a ten and handed it to the young lady.  He said, "It's not much but send him something he would like and say thank you from me."  This "he" was a soldier, serving out in the fields.

What my husband did wasn't grand but it brought tears to the young lady's eyes. It was nice to be there for that, and to watch my husband (who sometimes holds onto money like there will never be more!) reach out to a stranger in gratitude for” him” being a solider and serving his fellow people.
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Aurelia wrote: That's was so nice of Don to do...good for him to listen...and then follow his heart.
suzanne wrote: that was lovely. how much he gave wasnt important , it was the thought. well done
Barry wrote: Very thoughtful and this story has touched my heart. I can almost imagine being in the store. Great, happy story. Thanks for sharing!
smoothsugardoll wrote: we need to show our soldiers we care . that was a wonderful thing your husband did. you are so blessed.
mitu915 wrote: good for him and you!! also thanks to "he!" :)
tonykrebs wrote: WOW! Look how many people were touched by his kindness.
JuneBug wrote: What he did WAS a grand thing and you have every right to be proud of him!!!!

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