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The Security Guard's Idea!

--by FalseMonkeyPuzzle, posted Feb 20, 2008

Ten years ago, I was dissatisfied with my job working as a Vice President at a bank.  Often, due to my standing as Vice President, I'd watch someone greet me respectfully but then turn around and respond dismissively to a fellow employee.  In reaction to this obvious inequity, I made it a point to be even more respectful of individuals who were below me on the corporate ladder. 

One of these individuals was a security guard who oversaw the parking lot of the building where my office was located.  This man was consistently gracious to everyone and it was easy to think of him as a friend.

During this time, I had 2 dogs, one of which was very old, blind, deaf, and  had a bad heart.  I couldn't leave him at home alone so I began sneaking him and my other dog into my office every day.  The security guard, my "partner in crime", helped me by being on the lookout as I carried one dog and led the other quickly inside the office building.

One day, the guard popped his head in my office and tossed a newspaper on my desk.  "You should do this", he called over his shoulder, heading out and closing the door behind him.  On the front page was an article about doggy day care, and describing how the concept was spreading across the country. 

Having always expressed a deep love for animals, I took his suggestion to heart and immediately began researching the idea.  Soon, information, opportunities and assistance began coming my way from every direction.   Six months later, I left my deadening corporate job and opened the first doggy day care in my city!  A decade later, I'm still running this business and doing what I love to do!

I've lost touch with the man who started me on this path, but there's not a day that goes by that I don't thank him in my heart.  We never know who will be our angels!

Readers Comments

Raymond Sia wrote: Great , thanks for the security's idea and taking the oppotunity to venture into the business. No venture no gain
Doris wrote: Wonderful story. Your humbleness and kindness were greatly rewarded. What an inspiration!
kimj wrote: Oh this is such a wonderful story, it shows how just the little act of kindness can take a person a long way.
moral12 wrote: How wonderful that you still remember this "angel" of a security guard, and, that he helped you with your elderly dog.
loumesoza wrote: Oftentimes, great ideas come from "lowly people".
Vince wrote: I believe that you never know and you would never believe who the person is going to be that would help you in a time of need, so be nice to everybody, because you never know and be real.
Jackie wrote: I had an executive boss like this fellow. I was in a low position within the company structure, but he treated me with respect. He recognised my strengths and built them up, and that gave me belief in my own abilities and worth. Within a year I had a new job I absolutely loved, with a new company, working in a new career field, making 3 times my old salary. When you treat people with respect, they will learn to respect themselves and their abilities. I will pass that lesson on to others. Yes, there is good in the world!
Caron wrote: Wow what an amazing story, we all need to take a bit more time to listening and sharing with people who we would not usually think of as friends, I will certainly take heed of your advice and try not to pre-judge anyone and be open to a strangers suggestions, we all need to open our eyes and ears a little more to let the true light in, well done, you deserve true happiness!
lovebug wrote: I would have to say, 90% of all the good things in my life, have come at unexpeted moment, and it always came from listening, so I talk to everyone and have learned a great deal about life.
Nicole wrote: WOW, This story really hit home is all I have to say! It is true in life, that you never really know who will be ur angel!! Thank you for sharing!

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