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Carrying A Kid Down the Stairs

--by wayfarer, posted Feb 20, 2008

Two years ago we took the kids to see a pantomime at a local theater.  As everyone was piling out of the theater after the show was over, I spotted a distressed mother at the top of the stairs with her teenage boy in a wheelchair. She seemed upset, insisting the theater staff had assured her they would have someone there to help her and her son down the stairs.

I offered to help and picked her son up in my arms while she followed with the folded down-chair. All the way I kept up a conversation with the boy despite not understanding a word he said. The poor boy didn't have control of his limbs and kicked me all the way down the narrow, crowded stairs.

After safely seeing the boy and his mother down the stairs, my wife expressed gratitude for what I had done.  Upon reflecting on her reaction, I realized that what I had done was not special or out of the ordinary. He was a human being and I was a human being and both deserved to be treated with the same degree of respect and compassion.  I hoped that someone would have extended me the same courtesy if I were in that position. 

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Riz wrote: Its the small things that strangers do that touch peoples hearts. Yet the majority of us never take the time to see if we could make a difference in a persons life by a small gesture of kindness
Barry wrote: You're humble, you're kind. Stories such as this embraces my heart and soul.

I hope everyone settled down and enjoyed the movie.
chuckles wrote: This is a great display of human compassion at work, thanks for sharing xxxooo.

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