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May This Gift Turn the Tide

--by desdradawning, posted May 1, 2015
While waiting at the airport for a shuttle to take me home, I overheard a phone conversation a young man was having with a friend. He sat next to me, his small daughter asleep in a stroller, telling his friend that he was on a borrowed cell phone because his wife's bag, with their money, wallets, everything, was stolen.

He had just learned that morning that his father had passed away, (his mother just a few months before) and they were on their way to join family members when they lost everything.

I had a little cash, and offered it to him so they could at least get a cab back home. We exchanged contact info, he expressed deep gratitude, and we hugged as my shuttle ride was called and he left to find his wife. I live on very little, but sharing that $50 felt really good to me.
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terre wrote: How kind and generous of you. And you just know that somehow, some time, this young man will pay that kindness forward. 8-)
pluto178 wrote: Well done very thoughtful x
katiejane50 wrote: A truly kind gesture xx
mindyjourney wrote: You were the angel needed for that man and his family :). Thank you for your kindness. Blessings.
mish wrote: You were his Angel. Bless x

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