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Giving and Getting

--by sandyremillar, posted May 1, 2015
12:30 AM. Just finished talking with my neighbor: last night I brought her some apple pie and we chatted happily in her front porch. I bought a small doughnut gadget and did some all-veggie that turned out delicious, so I texted her to see if she wanted some.

We met again tonight and she told me her almost 16-yr-old is getting her license, but she's wary of letting her drive alone as she doesn't have much experience. That's called the learning curve! So I offered to take her out to practice! She will talk to her daughter and see if she agrees - that way both will be more at ease.

In return, she is so kind as to take care of my dogs, Woolf and Fiffie (check-up on them, walk Woolf) when I go for a 5-day vacation to the beach! The hotel said pet-friendly (Fiffie) but I woke up with a feeling (Inner Compass) and called the hotel: they only accept service dogs, not pets - Mike reserved - reading they were pet-friendly and paid in full through Travelocity - no refunds nor postponements!

Between my stepson and my neighbor, they will check on both my babies. I know they will be fine. Imagine arriving at the hotel and Fiffie is not accepted?? Would have to look for a pet resort then! She's never been with anyone other than with us...see how my Divine Friends, my Divine me (lol) all orchestrate beautifully?

The clue is to listen and to GIVE. I told her I would help her no matter what. Life is good!

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terre wrote: I'm glad this is working out so well. It's hard to know what to ask when the information about a hotel or anything really, makes it seem like all will be well. Good for you for paying attention to your feeling. And good for the trading of services between you and your neighbour!
pluto178 wrote: Fiffie will be happier at home than in a kennels.....delighted you got the help you needed..........but why am I not surprised.. lolx
melnotes wrote: Wonderful neighbours to help out and all part of the kindness ripples with you being able to help with the driving lesson :)
mindyjourney wrote: Amazing how things work out when we are open to the kindness challenges of the Universe! Blessings of the beach, my friend :).
mish wrote: Good inner compass you got there, starsis!!!!! Have a wonderful beach getaway.

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