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All In A Weekend's Work

--by brighteyes, posted Mar 5, 2008

With Friday afternoon a thing of the past ... I had the weekend to look forward too!

Here are some simple, quick and satisfying Acts of Kindness I did this weekend:

  • Sacked up our unused cat food cans for the Humane Society (keep trying different kinds to get my sick cat to eat)
  • Bought 3 chenille blanket throws for our Blanket Drive at work (we're up to 42 after 2 wks & too much to do to make more by hand so for now purchased a few on sale)
  • Purchased and donated a child's book for a XMas Book Drive at Barnes & Noble
  • Let cars in while out shopping  (boy are some men in a big hurry!) and let 2 elderly ladies into the stores. I also spoke to some elderly people and explained about papaya and how to pick a ripe one then gave her mine.
  • I looked each service person in the eyes, smiled and thanked them sincerely for their assistance
  • Put my shopping carts into the dispenser
  • Put my spare change into the donation box after the checkout line
  • Brought and used my own cloth shopping bags at Whole Foods vs having them supply plastic
  • Made a donation at Petco for abused animals
  • Brought an extra book to give to a friend and loaded up a bag of used books for our book exchange at work (I have magazines for the Dr.'s office next month)
  • Waved, smiles and said hello to everyone I encountered
  • Bought additional stamps to send out some birthday and thanksgiving cards this month
  • Wrote and mailed out thank you cards for my birthday gifts (many people do not do this custom anymore but I want each person to know I am grateful-even a card warrants an email thank you)
  • I sent a special sympathy card to  a dear friend who lost her 15yr old cat this weekend enclosing the rainbow bridge poem (inspirational one) and a sympathy angel pin for her too.
  • An old friend asked for my forgiveness about some issues and I readily forgave her.
  • I called my Mom to catch up on her life!
  • I brought some of my hubby's favorite foods so I can cook for him this week...he loves home cooking

All in all ... a very nice weekend ... there are so many small acts of kindness we each can do daily!  So, please join me and share some of your favorite ideas too.


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sweetp wrote: wow, you are really cooking over there! i get the feeling that you spend so much of your energy thinking of good things to do that you probably don't have much time to complain or dwell on things that stop some of us from doing what is in our power to change. what an inspiration!
mitu915 wrote: you're packed with kindess!!! wow, thanks for the inspirational ideas!
Bharni wrote: Excellent simple ideas to carry out daily. Thanks for sharing :)
sanserif wrote: Wow! You are an angel without wings! Truly insoiring! In addition to the regular RAOK every day, I will also start looking for/create more opportunities to do more.
cinnamonhead wrote: well after reading that i'll have to put on my running shoes to catch up. you packed alot into you week end and it sounds as if you enjoyed it all!
teresa wrote: I am new to this site and I think it is great. Its nice to read good things that happen in our lives. I will try to share acts of kindness even more than before. Thank you for showing me that kindness still is alive in some.
wayfarer wrote: Way to live a life!!!
bhappy wrote: Wow Brighteyes, you were a busy kindness bee this weekend....Thank you for always inspiring and great ideas...Becki
ZBee wrote: It is the little things that matter! Thank you for taking time to share with us and remind us of all our opportunities. You truly ARE being the change you want to see in the world!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a busy weekend you had! Thanks for taking the time to make a difference in so many different ways. You are a bright star in the world for us all to enjoy, thanks!

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