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Four Lunch Time Friends

--by gamelongirl, posted Feb 28, 2008

My 14 year old son was sitting at the lunch table alone on his first day in a new school, having come in after the year started and into a completely new system where he knew no one.

As he was sitting there, 4 girls walked up to him and asked if it were his first day there, to which he replied "Yes". They then invited him to sit with them and share his lunchtime with them. That one small act of kindness touched my heart as only a mother can understand for her child. These four girls opened up their hearts and their lunchtime to take in my son and made him feel as though he belonged.

The next day I suggested he take them a Tootsie Roll pop and a Smile Card to let them know how much their kindness had meant to him. His older sister laughed at the gesture saying it wasn't cool.  Later that day, my son came home with all four girls phone numbers!  Since that day he and the girls have become regular lunchtime buddies.

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MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: What a nice story! Glad your son immediately felt the impact of a small act of kindness, both given and received. Bless you both!
JerseyGirl wrote: My son started at a new school this year (2nd grade) and after the first day of school he came home and cried so hard (as if he were in physical pain) because he missed his old buddies and felt out of place. My heart felt so broken, especially since he had always been the confident, kind boy who helped others feel included and comfortable. I immediately wrote his teacher to ask that they assign him a buddy for the playground and the cafeteria. After a few days he was fine and is doing great now. My heart did break for him ... but I also knew he was learning a very valuable lesson by being in that situation .. about how to always make newcomers feel welcome and included. Sounds like your son learned that too! Thanks for sharing!
brighteyes wrote: I think many of us have been in the same or similiar situations and that small kind of kindness makes a HUGE difference...I remember my first day of work after college, eating alone in a huge cafeteria until some older women came over and befriended me....some I am still in contact with and that was over 25yrs ago!!!
Love that you had your son give a smile card and pop..the kindness will be spreading and that is how it should be! Thx for sharing, Brighteyes ;)

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