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Three Rubber Band Balls

--by Nakamura216, posted Feb 28, 2008

Recently, especially at college, I've noticed that if one person is having a bad day the mood can spread like a cold. But much like the ripples of the water, all you need is a little drop to get the ripples going the other way.

On this particular day, I was sitting in the commons of the college amongst a crowd of students. Something was off that day, everyone was quiet, solemn, and they really seemed alone. This crowd who normally would have no problem talking and enjoying one another, felt very alone. The feeling was contagious and I found my mood changing to the atmosphere surrounding me. 

So I decided to try and do something about it, and reached into my bag and pulled out three rubber-band balls that I had made a week earlier. I asked my friend if he wanted to play catch; he looked at me a little strangely but said ok.  I began by bouncing the first ball on the floor towards him and he caught it. After a few more bounces and catches, the first ball bounced too hard and flew across the room. Slowly, more and more people looked and watched us play catch with the rubber-band balls and joined in our fun.  Soon enough, we had three  "teams" standing in a circle throwing three different balls. With all three balls being thrown  in different directions, we often got confused but that only made us laugh louder when we would miss and the ball would go flying!

Although none of us wanted to head to class because we were enjoying ourselves too much, we all left with smiles on our faces and laughter ringing in our souls! I'm pretty sure this left a lot of people a lot happier than they would have been!  And it's times like these that make me really happy that I keep random things on me at all times!

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falsemonkeypuzzl wrote: What a brilliant idea! Sometimes I play "toss beanbags" back and forth with a friend, and I find inexpicably that I cannot keep from laughing as I frantically toss one bag while trying to catch another. I never thought of "taking it public" like you did. Cool!!
brighteyes wrote: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I agree that a mood can cause a ripple effect because we are all energy and it travels in is laughter, emotions (e-motions= energy in motion) and kindness....keep the positive flow (ripples) a'coming......
Smiles from Brighteyes ;)
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: You are absolutely right about the ripples. Good for you in choosing to break the pattern and start your own ripple!
Keep it up!
dancingDog wrote: Happiness and kindness can be contagious! Thanks for being couragous enough to try to change the mood - it worked :D
katlampi wrote: I absolutely 110% believe in MOOD RIPPLES (although I've never called them that, but I think I will start to use that phrase from now on!) What a great story! Thank you for sharing!
AURELIA wrote: Wow, You are wonderful! I would have never thought of that. Good for you to start the change and create smiles and light heartedness.... :O) ~Aurelia

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