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"Blessings" In A Brown Envelope

--by SHESystems, posted Mar 2, 2008
I was working in Bangladesh a month or two ago and I ended up staying for much longer than anticipated. By the time I left, everyone at the hotel knew who I was because I had handed out at least 50 business cards. I told many of the staff about my plans of providing electricity and clean purified water to rural villages who were located too far from accessing these basic necessities. 

The morning before I left there was a small brown envelope that had been slid under my door. I opened it and inside I found one of my business cards. On the back was written "blessings" and there were 4 one dollar bills and a few hundred "Taka" which added up to around a total of $12.

I can imagine that it was a poor hotel staffer that was happy about my willingness to help the less fortunate in her/his country and they wanted to give their tips to further the goal. I sat and looked at the envelope in amazement for quite a while as it sunk in. Most people in Bangladesh are dirt poor. This very well could have been an entire week's wages that they pooled together for a donation. I felt very blessed the rest of the day and continue to think about it daily since.
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M.V.Mohan wrote: Swamy vivekananda, a holy monk of india said, "give, give, give. Give willingly, before nature forces you to give! " . I believe there is no greater prayer on this earth than doing selfless service to humanity.
myfbil wrote: What a wonderful thing to do - for both of you! Good luck with your project and god bless both of you!
Beth wrote: What a wonderful story. Best of luck with your project, i hope it goes extremely well, it sounds as though you are doing amazing work.
sheila51 wrote: Wow. Good luck & god bless.
Louise wrote: Thats a wonderful story. I wish you luck with your work.
Margarita wrote: This is waesome all i takes is a little effort to go along way. Makes me think of what small contribution i can do thanks for the story!
Smitha wrote: Very touching post. God bless the giver and the receiver! All the best to you in all your good deeds.
sathsath wrote: means only the poor can relate to the woes their brethen undergoes
mitu1 wrote: that's beautiful! you are an angel too just as the angel who gave to you! :)
brighteyes wrote: I believe there are human angels all across the world but most go quietly making a difference to the ones they touch.

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