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--by lewski711, posted May 18, 2015
That was SOOO much fun! My daughter went out to the bike path and a corner in the neighborhood and offered people cold drinks (soda and water) and Smile Cards. Many said "no thanks," but were appreciative.

Lots were suspicious and asked, "why?" When we told them it's what we were doing it for RAoK Month, they were so happy! Almost everyone offered generous thanks.

One person felt compelled to pay, and couldn't believe we wouldn't take the money. He shook our hands.

One person said he'd give the drink to his homeless friends. So we gave him as many as he could carry.

And, one person took a photo of us...Spreading kindness! #AprilRAoK

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zoey wrote: You are so kind

lingee wrote: Kudos to a charming little girl and a wonderful dad who is modeling such an important value in community living. Thank you for leading the charge.
msuewilkins wrote: Your daughter has already learned how important simple acts can be. That's wonderful and an example for all of us.
Lyn Kleven wrote: Inspiring. ! I babysit weekly for my husband's ex wife and her new husband's children (confusing i know) this would be a great activity to show them the world is not all about me me me. Thanks for the idea!
aimeega21 wrote: What a wonderful life lesson for your daughter. There is no greater gift than teaching another how great it feels to help. Thank you for sharing.
clare wrote: I love it! Good job guys!
rosieb wrote: It's hard to tell who is prouder of whom.
cecilia wrote: Beautiful dad and daughter, seeds of kindness in the neighborhood
Trish Goulter wrote: How beautiful😄👍it has got me thinking! The world is sure in need of more unconditional kindness! I'll spread raok here in new zealand☀️👌😄
mish wrote: Beautiful kindness team!! Awesome duo x

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