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Lending A Hand To My Parents

--by clasar, posted Mar 17, 2008
Yesterday I went to visit and clean for my mum and stepfather.  Whenever I go, I always feel like I've ironed out a few problems for them; you see, my mum is disabled and my step-dad is her carer. 

Sometimes, I do there shopping on line for them -- anything I can do for them that helps to make life easier I do.  Like last week, my step-dad was in a panic because he needed to take there car to the garage as the headlights were set to high and other drivers had been flashing at him, so I explained that it may be that they just needed adjusting on the dashboard and that I could do that, so off I went and sorted it.  He said he never knew you could do that, and he thought he was going to have to make a special journey to the garage and that it was a weight of his mind. 

Little things like this are gigantic worries for old folks and can easily be sorted.  I phone them every day and they know that I am always on the other end of the phone and  this gives them peace of mind ... and it makes me feel good.
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sarcla21 wrote: Sauce just caught up with this site, and found this old post, sadly my mam passed away 2010 but I can look back now, and think yeah I did everything I could have done for my mam and as my dad said on the day of her funeral,"come on Denise there's nothing more you can do now" I will never forget these words ever xxx
AURELIA wrote: Wow, you are great. I am happy that you stay in contact with your mum and stepfather. I give him a lot of credit for taking care of her too. My dad just did the same for my mom who died on 10/23...He gave her 4 wonderful years of being home and not having to go to a nursing home. Enjoy them...they need love and support more than ever now that they are older. :) ~Aurelia
clasar wrote: Thanks for that wouldnt think I had 2 other sisters , one whom lives in London and only phones when it suits and another one who only lives 4 miles away and never comes near,WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!
bitesize wrote: I think that its great you can and want to do that for your parents. Please make sure to take sometime for yourself. . little things just for you make a world of difference.
brighteyes wrote: Kudo's for yoru Mom took care of her Mom for 15+ yrs as her Alzheimer's progressed....she hired a live-in nurse and kept her out of a nursing home....even having a brother, she was the responsible one so no guarantee just because you have siblings they will share the load.

We all appreciate what you are doing for them her at the site so I hope it adds some comfort....glad to hear your Dad taking care of your Mom too.

Sending you all blessings, Brighteyes
warmth wrote: u r dong just great by helping ur parents and taking care of them like u wud of ur children. Loads of HUGS for u :)

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