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My Chat Mate

--by inspiringstories, posted Mar 17, 2008
Lately these days, I have a regular chat mate. We chat for an hour. She makes me laugh. She lessens my homesickness in this foreign land when I see her smile on the Web cam. Every time I see her lowering her head as she types the letters, I anticipate what she has to type. Just this afternoon, she learned how to use the audibles. It was an afternoon filled with fun and love.

Throughout the entire time we chat, though, I can't  understand a single word.  My chat mate is my dearest sister who has Downs Syndrome.

Chatting with her is the most remarkable feeling.  She may not understand what I am typing on the screen and I may not understand what she's typing but I can see the way she nods and she can see the way I laugh, and deep in our hearts, we feel connected.

Always eager, we both show up for each other everyday.  We try to communicate with words and typed sentences, but really, no words are even needed.
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dancel gonzales wrote: It is a great story and i love it it has a common situations and lesson and many people should read it
Spoonerism wrote: Wow, that's a great story! I love how you both are able to transcend language and communicate with each other. Just the love you have for each other across the computer screen! May you both be an inspiration to many other brothers and sisters out there! :-) thanks for sharing!
helpinghand wrote: It is really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

God bless you.
phemmy wrote: Amazing story love is a magicle feeling that conect u even witout word.
smilecards08 wrote: oh how sweet! that is a blessing!
athens wrote: I also email my sister daily..She gives me strength and wisdom.It is wonderful to know that she is there. She is a blessing!!!!
oopsadazy2 wrote: Your story reminded me of when we were based in Spain with the military. I worked with all Spanish nationals and one lady and I would often eat our lunch together, we didn't speak each other's language but we laughed and had a good time. At the end of every shift, we hugged each other and went about our way. She always brightened my day. Thank you for such a wonderful story, you are blessed :-)
Deepak wrote: Love is the highest energy. Keep it going.
cindy wrote: what a blessing to have her in your life.
Rayann wrote: It's amazing how love doesn't always need words to be expressed. In stories like yours, we see it all the time. Thank you for your story.

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