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What I Overheard

--by lewski711, posted May 22, 2015
I saw a man who looked like he was really down on his luck today, and another man walked up and said, "How you doing? Are you hungry?"

He responded, "Yeah, kind of."

"Can I get you a sandwich in the store?" asked the other man.

I didn't want to stand there and stare. I continued to walk, and didn't hear any more, but I thought the act was very kind! #AprilRAoK

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SM2000 wrote: very kind act
pluto178 wrote: I once took a young girl to eat at McDonalds and she told me her life story of hunger poverty and abuse........she found it difficult to eat because the whole story was fabricated she just wanted me to give her some money.............she taught me a great deal......I still felt sorry for her that she would go to such extremes and recommended she go home because this life was not going to work............things would only get worst..... I learned a lot though and my giving took different forms after that...............I hope she went home......sometimes mental health problems can be difficult to cope with for the sufferer and the carers and breaks can result but they should not be allowed to go on for too long...........if you can go home you should go home x
melnotes wrote: Lovely act of kindness :)
mindyjourney wrote: Every sandwich makes a difference :).

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