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Gift of food

--by Gyrocloudy, posted May 23, 2015
A meal is a meal. Usually on weekends, I teach some driving lessons with some partners. When a customer calls and wants a driving lesson, my partner Angy receives the money and then deducts 30% of the money for my payment.

These days, lately, my partner hasn't had enough money to eat because she had to pay some hard debts. Usually, I collect my salary from our payments box, but this time I didn't. So she can use that extra money to buy food. I know that food is energy and we all need it.

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luvdollhouses wrote: Wonderful!!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your understanding and kind heart <3.
sandyremillar wrote: so very sweet and kind of you....bless you!
kiwicat wrote: Very kind
pluto178 wrote: Thats sounds like a great partnership supporting each other in tough times what a great friend you are. x
melnotes wrote: Thank you for your thoughtful and kind gesture of kindness! I love this image :)

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