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--by sweetangellov, posted May 25, 2015
My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude and love for my amazing life which is simply filled with lots of blessings, sunshine & flowers.

I still remember that one special day when I had just finished dropping off stuffed animals at the emergency room at the nearby hospital - so nurses can give away those cuddly teddy bears to hurting & sick children.I was on my way home and thought of a nice yummy organic salad for dinner.As I was about to walk into the store, I saw a young man sitting on the bench right in front of the store.

He looked fragile and hungry.I stopped right in front of him with a big smile and "hi my dear, how are you doing?" he smiled back and said that he was trying to sell his flutes so he could buy himself some dinner.I smiled and said "please join me - I'd love to buy you your dinner."

He smiled and opened his arms and gave me a big warm hug and then he said the most beautiful prayer for me before we entered the store... and this became another beautiful moment of heaven on earth... be kind to strangers because you never know you might entertain some angels... ;-)
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Mitalichawla wrote: awww.... so sweet of you... such a lovely blessing for you.. ty ♥ :)
SM2000 wrote: beautiful act
pluto178 wrote: I love that phrase and it can be so the person you are rude to on the train because you are nervous about an interview only to get to your destination and find he is your interviewer...........everything you give out comes back to you somewhere along the line........x
melnotes wrote: Lovely kindness, wonderful to have you sharing theses stories with us. Thank you xx
mindyjourney wrote: Entertaining angels <3. We are all angels in one form or another. Beautiful kindness, friend.

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