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Beanies For The Whole School!

--by kiwicat, posted May 28, 2015
I had a message from my friend. A lady on her Pay It Forward page, is knitting slouch beanies for the whole school I work with (92 kids). These are kids that don't often get extras or even RAOK. I can't wait to see their faces and warm heads in winter!
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melnotes wrote: This is awesome!
pluto178 wrote: You are a joy x
KindMyst wrote: Amazing. What a wonderful way to keep these young heads warm. Thank you to you and your friend.
sandyremillar wrote: excellent! kidn souls everywhere....
mindyjourney wrote: Wow!! That's a lot of warmth out of one kind knitter's hands :)). How kind of her <3.
brindlegirl wrote: Oh my.That is one big kindness effort. Yay!
terre wrote: Please thank this kind lady for us all. She is definitely paying it forward in such a good way.

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