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Strange Coincidences

--by eowynts, posted Mar 29, 2008
Usually, I give $85 of every check to my church. Well, the last two checks, I either forgot my checkbook or hadn't gone to church, so I have $170 budgeted to go somewhere other than my needs.

Today, my friend got online and asked a huge favor--she just started a second job and doesn't get paid til next Thursday, but rent is due today; can she borrow $150?

Well how bout that--she sure can! Is God cool or what?

Happy weekend, all!
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Scribbles wrote: I can't believe you folks will be so incredibly stupid, to put this down to God. I mean, you really think he would give a care, even IF he existed? Coincidence does not equal God. Nothing does, as there is none. You can be good and have much goodness in you without the need for any God whatsoever. Let's get wise people.
Mireya wrote: Here is a great example of the purpose of Tithing!!!!!
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: I believe there are no coincidences but that everything happens for a reason. I guess you see what your reason was!
mitu915 wrote: it's amazing how when you pay it forward in ways you never could have guessed! you not only surprise the recipient of your gift but you also surprise yourself! :)
lmil1954 wrote: Oh yes He is SO VERY cool! And thats the way He works! Thanks for sharing this one! LindaM:)
sabrina wrote: You forgot ur chekbook to give it to ur friend now.God is working to help in every lil way possible. You are so kind to do these things. God bless
PayingForward wrote: Giving to the Lord takes on more forms than just one. Pretty cool how this came together. In your faithfulness you and your friend are blessed ... and Jesus smiles. Grace and Peace to you. :)

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